15+ Sketch Business Card Identity Templates

Branding Identity Cornered Angles Sketch Business Card Design

Business cards are an important part of any professional presentation. If you need a business card, make sure to pick the right one.

There are not many concepts for Business cards made with Sketch, but as usual, we collected some of the finest Sketch Business Card Templates came across on the internet.

MINIMAL Business Card Brochure Flyer

Minimal Business Card Brochure Flyer

This is a simple minimalist business card. It is designed with Sketch and can be used as a promotional tool for small businesses.


Branding Identity Mock Up – Teal Triangles (Sketch & PSD)

Branding Identity Mock Up Teal Triangles

Branding identity mockups can be used for all kinds of projects. They are a good way to show the personality of your brand.

A great example is Teal Triangle which was designed with Sketch App. This mockup was created for a project where it was needed to create a branding identity that would represent the brand’s new website, app, and campaign. We can interpret this as a simple identity design exercise that can be separated into two parts:

In addition, Teal Triangle is customizable and comes in different sizes to represent different projects. The design team could change the entire text in the template to fit the company goals and Identity needs.


Branding Identity Set: Colored Lines

Branding Identity Set Colored Lines


Branding Identity Set mockup package

Branding Identity Set Mockup Package


Branding identity mockup – Starry Night

Branding Identity Mockup Starry Night


BLUU – Business Identity Pack

Bluu Business Identity Pack


Brand ID with Business card Morse Code Mockup

Brand Identity Business Card, Envelope Morse Code Mock Up


Business card inside Branding ID Mock-Up – Polygon Purple

Business Card Inside Branding Id Mock Up Polygon Purple


Sketch Business Card Brand Identity mockup 

Sketch Business Card Brand Identity Mockup 


Branding Lines Company Identity Mockup- Business card Inclusive 

Branding Lines Company Identity Mockup Business Card Inclusive 


Branding Identity Material Triangle with Business Card (Sketch, PSD)

Branding Identity Material Triangle With Business Card Sketch, Psd


Network Polygon Brand Identity including Business Card

Network Polygon Brand Identity

Working at a large digital agency, I was exposed to the world of brand identity and design through various projects.
Every company has a “brand image” which they want to boost and improve. Brand identity is the organization’s way of creating an image that is associated with the company’s name or business name.  Whether it be in their website, social media, brochures (e-commerce), or any other marketing material, brand identity is what helps people think of their organization as something that they can trust and relate to. We caught up with brilliantly designed concept for Brand assets suitable for any type of business and designed using Sketch. We hope this fits into your ibrary of resources.


Branding Identity Mock Up Modern (Figma, Xd, Sketch, PSD)

Branding Identity Mock Up Modern

One of the most difficult parts of branding is identity. Before you can sell your product, you have to convey a message that will let people know who the brand is. When it comes to identity, your design needs to be consistent and also fit nicely in with your brand’s personality. A brand identity is a visual representation of a company’s values, strengths, and products.


Branding Identity – Cornered Angles

Branding Identity Cornered Angles Sketch Business Card Design

A company can use Sketch to create branding identity. It should be used for creating internal brand identity that is consistent across all project stages.
A major challenge for a company is to create an identity that reflects its business and the work it does. To do this, it has to consider its corporate image, brand values, position in the market and competitive landscape. This requires carefully considering every aspect of the project, as well as the various segments of customers – people who want to buy from you and those who don’t or won’t buy from you at all. If you are running a creative agency, or just someone looking to have unique branding ideas, then using Sketch can help your company stand out from other companies and clients.


Brand Identity Mockup – Droplet (Xd, Figma, Sketch, Figma, PSD)

Brand Identity Mock Up Droplet

Brands need to have a consistent and recognizable look and feel when they are on the market. Their images should also be aesthetically pleasing for the customers. Check out this brand identity mockup designed using Sketch and then use it as a brand guide for your design work. It comes with a Business card also designed with Sketch. The brand identity mockup is a way to create a brand identity that can be shared with clients on social media channels and other platforms. We hope you find this useful in your upcoming projects.


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