10+ Best Sources for Programming and Coding Icons

50 Computer Programming Code Icon

The programming and coding Icons are a set of icons that are typically used in the computer world to represent technical concepts, languages, tools, and software.

These icons allow programmers to quickly identify how certain processes work. From the start of computer science in the 1940s, these icons have been used by programmers. They display a hierarchy of what types of information they understand.

In the past few decades, more and more programming languages were being created with their own unique sets of standardized icons to provide clarity for users on where each command is from within that specific language.

If you’re familiar with learning programming or coding, you’ll be able to recognize some if not all of these Icons:

Iconscout-5,049 Coding Icons

Iconscout Coding Icons

Iconscout has one of the largest libraries of free coding icons in different styles like line, solid,  flat, colored outline, hand-drawn, and many more such styles.

In the beginning, computer programming was a tedious and never-ending task that required human labor. But with the recent advancements in technology, coding is no longer as difficult as it once was.

Coding icons provide a quick and easy way to depict themes or actions in computer programming without having to write lines of code. They can be used in everyday communications like emails, presentations or even in conversations online.

Coding icons are an effective way to break up text into visually appealing sections. They also help developers visualize how their work will look when finished without having to write a single line of code.


Font Awesome Coding Icon

Code Icon Font Awesome

Font Awesome 6 is the next generation of the web’s favorite icon library. It adds over 150 new icons, and it’s compatible with all browsers and devices.

The beta version of Font Awesome 6 was released on October 25th. If you are interested in using them on your web projects, you should try them out.

Font Awesome 6 is the next generation of the web’s favorite icon library, offering a fresh look with new features. In addition, Font Awesome 6 includes too—a brand new font family that will take your designs to the next level.

Font Awesome 5 is one of the world’s most popular icons libraries. With over 6 billion downloads, it has been used by designers and developers everywhere. However, in recent years Font Awesome has been evolving and is now considered an outdated tool for creating websites and apps.

The next generation of Font Awesome 5 was announced on October 24th, 2018 with a beta release in December 2018 followed by a full release in January 2019. Alongside this change to Font Awesome 5 came another announcement: The launch of the first-ever font library named Too!


Icons Icons 

Web Design Development Icons Programming Pack

As software development and programming skills become more important for every industry, the demand for coders is growing.

A coding icon is becoming more popular as part of the digital marketing strategy in recent years. It is a great way to show that your company cares about developing its digital presence and technology.

The coding icon is a distinctive symbol that represents the development and programming world. It is often used to represent the programming language.



Free Coding Icons Download Png Svg

The concept of coding icon started in the world of software development and programming. The idea is to make our work easier by providing a shortcut for programmers.

As the demand for software development is increasing, so are the opportunities. There are many different types of programming languages, each with its own set of features and benefits.

The use of visual aids to help users understand programming language concepts is slowly becoming more popular in software design. These icons can help reduce cognitive load, improve efficiency, and increase motivation to learn new skills.

As coding is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives, these icons may be used as visual aids to help us understand concepts for any programing language.


Flaticons-23,000 Free Vector Icons

Coding Icons 23,228 Free Vector Icons

With the rise in the popularity of open-source software and web applications, there is an increased need for developers and programmers.

Icon sets are an easy tool to use when designing websites or apps. You can also create your own to suit your brand’s needs.

But why reinvent the wheel just to create a new set of icons for your next project when you can tap into this huge library of coding and programming icons on Flaticon.



Coding Icons – Free Vector Download, Icons8

When coding, icons are the most essential part of a web design. They allow designers to emphasize the important parts of their website without having to write extensive content.

Icons have been around for years and they have evolved over time and adapted with new ideas in order to keep up with the changing needs of designers and creatives.


The Noun Project Icons

Coding Icons Download Free Vector Icons Noun Project

Artists have been creating icons for as long as they could draw and this is the most comprehensive icon collection in the world at the moment. It includes images from more than 120 countries and has been put together by 18000 designers.



Coding Iconfinder Programming Icons

Coding icons do not just have to be for web development. They are very common in many different applications with related searches. A collection of 26,135 icons useful for “code”, “programming”, “development”, “web”, “HTML” & even “computer.”


6 Free Coding Icons-ICONSPACK

6 Free Coding Icons. Download Png Image, Svg Vector

Use these 6 free icons for any project you’re working on. You can customize size, color and style. These flat icons are completely free and can be downloaded in PNG image, SVG vector or Base64 format.


Premium Coding Icons

High Quality Coding Icons

The premium coding icon is made up of a set of 3D icons in the form of blocks. The icons are rotated so that they can be easily seen and read from any angle.

Developers can use this coding icon for development and programming purposes.


20 Coding Icon Set

20 Coding Icon Set

Web design and development is a highly competitive industry. With the demand for skilled developers on the rise, it has become increasingly difficult to gain a footing in this market.

The solution remains using professional and modern design elements in projects, such as premium coding icons.

The resources were recently updated to include 20 coding icons which include a keyboard, disk, password, upload, settings, binary code, and the all-important cup of coffee as well as icons related to testing and shipping.

Sketched and drawn icon templates for your own project. All icon designs come in both line icons / black-and-white formats, as well as in colour.


30 Coding icons

30 Coding Icons

Justicon Present – Clean Pixel Perfect Icons. In addition to being easy to use and featuring a clean design, they come with various file formats including AI, EPS, SVG, and PNG.


50 Computer Programming code icon

50 Computer Programming Code Icon

Designed for use on Mac and Windows. Neatly ordered icon, well-layered, print-ready, web, symbols, apps, infographics & more. Editing capabilities are available as well as the ability to modify colors to suit your needs





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