Free Font Awesome Assets for Adobe XD

How To Use Font Awesome In Adobe Xd Download Free Font Awesome Assets For Adobe Xd

Looking for how to use Font Awesome in Adobe XD, then this is for you.

Font Awesome XD is a comprehensive set of free assets for Adobe XD, the all-in-one vector design and prototyping solution. It includes everything you need to get started with Font Awesome: over 1,500 icons in both SVG and PNG formats, plus templates, tools, and assets for creating responsive designs. With Font Awesome XD, you can easily add icons and symbols to your designs, create custom icon fonts, and style your text with the power of FontAwesome.

Font Awesome is the world’s most popular font library, and it just got even better! With Font Awesome XD, you can add over 670 high-quality icons to your Adobe XD designs – for free! Plus, with the easy and fun ways of adding icons. So why wait? Get started today and supercharge your designs with Font Awesome icons!


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