How to Delete a GoDaddy Account in 2022

How To Delete A Godaddy Account

GoDaddy is a domain registrar that helps bloggers achieve their aim of hosting a website.

A GoDaddy account is a profile of a particular user on the network. Although the GoDaddy network is one of the largest and most reliable domain registrars globally, some people still choose to opt-out of the network by way of deleting their profiles – their user’s account.

Reasons for decisions like this can vary from:

  • The user does not like the network provider’s current service.

Not everyone is always satisfied with customer or care service. As a customer, you may feel that if you are not treated well enough by a current service provider, it’s enough reason to detach from them.

  • The user may have found another network provider that suits his/her specifications better.

Assuming you want to host a website that allows 800 visitors and your current website, you can only get 500 visitors. Now you find another that allows even up to a thousand visitors, I am sure you would switch for quantity.

  • Or simply because they want to retire.

It could also be because you want to take a break from the whole Internet business.

What you need to know before deleting your GoDaddy account

  • Once you delete your account, you will no longer have access to the account.
  • If you still have some products on the account, you can’t delete your account unless you cancel the product or wait for it to expire.
  • All your data would be deleted from the account and also their database.
  • There would be no provisions for backup for you after you delete your account.
  • You can get another account with GoDaddy in the future.

Steps to Delete GoDaddy

You can delete a GoDaddy account permanently or temporarily. This depends on your reasons for staying off the network. But here, I’ll be showing you the step-by-step process to deleting your GoDaddy account permanently.

I will suggest you back your account before performing any deletion or canceling your GoDaddy account, the account might be irreversible so approach with utmost caution.


  • “Log in” to your GoDaddy account



  • Go to “account settings.”



  • Click on “contact preference.”



  • Scroll down to “account.”



  • Click on “Edit” to close the account permanently



  • Confirm option popping up on your screen



  • Click on “Close account.”


If you follow these steps accordingly, you should be able to delete your Go Daddy account in no time permanently.

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