Free Compact Pocket Mirror Mockup PSD

Compact Pocket Mirror Mockup Psd

If you are an office worker chances are that you have probably used a compact mirror to check up on your reflection. Although it may seem like a simple and timeless thing, the compact mirror has actually had a long history. Nowadays, millions of people use these mirrors every day for various purposes.

These tiny little fashion piece has evolved over time and has become a very important fashion accessory to most fashionistas today.

Pocket mirrors have growing market demand and brands jostling for the market, and so they are constantly looking for innovative designs to market their products and brand.

We came across this freebie for designers, a compact pocket mirror mockup, mockups over the years have become an important design validation tool, and today it’s still much relevant to validate a design before physical production or finishing takes place.

A compact mirror mockup is a quick and handy tool for designers and creative people. It can be used for all kinds of projects – from product design to marketing material. With it, you can quickly create a small version of your work, test how it looks on screen or in print. You can as well use it on your eCommerce website, catalogs, brochures, and more.


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